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Measurement is the process of finding a unit (often a number) that tells something about an object or event. We can measure distance, size, weight, volume, temperature, and much more — and there are lots of fun accessible tools to help us!

Measuring with standard units means measuring with inches, feet, yards, centimeters, meters, pounds, grams, cups, pints, etc., using rulers, scales, and other standardized measuring devices.

Measuring with non-standard units means measuring with blocks, paperclips, feet, bottle caps, etc. Whatever items are used, they must all be the same size.

Accessible Rulers, Calipers, and Tape Measures

The Tactile Caliper is a simple to use, accurate, low-cost measuring ruler for the blind and visually impaired that provides a braille output to 1/16th of an inch.

the tactile caliper

5-Foot Nylon Tape marked with sturdy metal buttons from the Braille SuperStore is great for kids.

5 foot nylon tape

Flexible Plastic Meter Tape from SAVI/SELPH includes large print and braille numbers.

SAVI/SELPH beakers, graduated cylinders, syringes, and volume measurement tools

Accessible Measuring Cups, Spoons, and Beakers

MEASURE UP! Cups by Discovery Toys are 12 cups that are volumetrically correct and sequentially sized and numbered (e.g., 1 cup + 2 cup = 3 cup).


These SAVI/SELPH beakers, graduated cylinders, syringes, and volume measurement tools are great additions for the science classroom.

SAVI/SELPH beakers, graduated cylinders, syringes, and volume measurement tools

Accessible Clocks and Calendars

The Analog Clock Model from APH helps you learn about time-telling concepts. It has braille and raised large print markings and hands that are synchronized and easily rotated.

The Analog Clock Model

Each APH Clock Face Sheet has four embossed braille clock faces to which clock hands can be added.

APH Clock Face Sheet

Create your own calendar with the APH Individual Calendar Kit!

APH Individual Calendar Kit

Accessible Scales

The Moshi Glass Talking Scale gives voice announcements of the amount measured.

The Moshi Glass Talking Scale

This talking kitchen scale is great fun for all ages!

talking kitchen scale

Accessible Thermometers

The SAVI/SELPH thermometer includes both braille and large print scales for measuring temperature in degrees Celsius. Tabs are included along the rim to mark temperatures for comparison.

SAVI/SELPH thermometer

With the Tactile Demonstration Thermometer from APH you can read, set, and compare temperatures. The Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are in large print and braille.

Tactile Demonstration Thermometer

This activity was created by Janet Ulwick-Sacca for Great Expectations.

diagram of the balance scale

Balance scales are easy to make and easy to use. Make your own to compare the weight of small items around the house. Are four quarters heavier or lighter than four nickels? Are six gumballs heavier or lighter than six peanuts?

Measurement Sing-Along

Check out this fun measurement song by PBS Kids & Ozomatli!

Estimated Versus Actual

Guess how long the following items are. Then measure each item and compare your guesses to their actual length. Were you close?

  • A dollar bill
  • An envelope
  • A paperclip
  • A bottle of ketchup
  • One of your shoes
bottle of ketchup on its side

All in the Family

block toy family of four, each a different height

Measure the height (in inches) of each member of your family — including your dogs and cats — then convert their height into feet. Note there are 12 inches in a foot.

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