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Balance scales are easy to make and easy to use. Make your own to compare the weight of small items around the house. Are four quarters heavier or lighter than four nickels? Are six gumballs heavier or lighter than six peanuts?

diagram of the balance scale

What You'll Need

Measurement Sing-Along

Check out this fun measurement song by PBS Kids & Ozomatli!

Estimated Versus Actual

Guess how long the following items are. Then measure each item and compare your guesses to their actual length. Were you close?

  • A dollar bill
  • An envelope
  • A paperclip
  • A bottle of ketchup
  • One of your shoes
bottle of ketchup on its side

All in the Family

block toy family of four, each a different height

Measure the height (in inches) of each member of your family — including your dogs and cats — then convert their height into feet. Note there are 12 inches in a foot.

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