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What are the most common feelings you have and what words can you use to describe them?

Feelings and emotions are a BIG part of life and we use lots of different words to describe them. The more words you know for expressing your emotions, the better you will be able to share with others what you are feeling.

Synonym Challenge

You already know common words for feelings like happy, sad, and angry, but did you know there are lots of other words for these same emotions? Different words with the same meaning are called synonyms. For example, the words quick, fast, and swift are synonyms, just like the words happy, joyful, and glad are synonyms. They are all different words with the same meaning. Here are some more examples:

Now that you know what synonyms are, take the synonym challenge and see if you can match words that have the same meaning. List A below contains 10 words for common feelings and emotions. First, see how many synonyms you can come up with for each word in the list. Second, see if you can match the words in List A with their synonyms in List B.

List A

List B


Antonym Challenge

Now that you've matched synonyms, let's explore antonyms. Words with opposite meanings are called antonyms. For example, the words top and bottom are antonyms, just as the words happy and sad are antonyms. Here are some more examples:

Can you think of antonyms for the words in List A? Try filling in the blanks below! If you get stuck, you can peek at some potential answers below, but try it first without looking!

Keep in mind that there can be more than one antonym or synonym for a word. Here are some potential answers for the antonym challenge above:

This activity was created by Lisamaria Martinez for Great Expectations.

Words within Words

Jim Panzee yealls, I'M NOT GRUMPY!

It can be fun to try to find words within words. For example, using the letters found in the word "grumpy" we can make the words gum or rug. Or, using the letters in the word "chimpanzee" we can make the words chip or chain. Can you make other words from grumpy and chimpanzee? How many?

(Answers: Grumpy: gum, rug, mug, pug, grump, rump, and guy. Chimpanzee: chimp, chip, pan, him, hip, man, can, men, cane, name, pane, map, mane, chain, main, camp, amp, cap, cape, ape, pen, and pain)

Braille Puzzles!

Book cover for the Big Book of Braille Puzzles

If you like word play, you probably also like puzzles. Check out our new book called The Big Book of Braille Puzzles: 50 Searches, Anagrams, and Ladders to Help You Master Braille.

These puzzles will help you:

  • Master common braille contractions
  • Strengthen your overall braille reading skills
  • Practice for braille competitions
  • And provide you with hours of fun!

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