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Blind kids benefit from picture descriptions every bit as much as sighted kids do from seeing the pictures. Don't forget to share these picture descriptions, written by a descriptive audio expert, especially for Great Expectations!

Picture Descriptions for Grumpy Monkey

These descriptions were written by Jill Robbins for Great Expectations.

Grumpy Monkey Read-Along

Listen to Grumpy Monkey being read out loud. Can you follow along in braille?

Descriptive Words

Notice all the helpful, descriptive words, like big and bright, that we've used to bring the Grumpy Monkey pictures to life? These words are called adjectives, and are used to describe people, places, and things. Can you pick out the adjective (or adjectives) in the sentences below?

  • A spotted lizard scurries up a curvy tree trunk.
  • A caterpillar rests on a leafy, looping branch.
  • Lemur's long, striped tail dangles almost to the ground.
  • A tiny turtle crawls through the pale green grass.
  • The peacocks' long, feathery tails brush the ground.
  • The sun casts long, orange shadows on the grassy hills.
  • Norman drapes his big, furry arm around Jim's shoulder.

Guessing Game

The words we use to describe things can tell us a lot about what they are. We can describe an object's size, shape, weight, texture, taste, smell, and more. Think of a common household item, describe it to a friend or family member, and see if they can guess what you are thinking of. If they can't guess it, try to use different descriptive words and maybe even add a hint, like a room they might find it in or ways it is used.

Words for You

Are you adventurous? Bold? Creative? Kind? Just as you can use adjectives to describe items around the house or to describe Jim Panzee and his animal friends, you can use adjectives to describe yourself! If you could pick 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

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