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Team CBI (Center for Braille Innovation)

Deane Blazie, Brian Mac Donald, and Bryan Blazie at 2012 Google I/O Conference.

Deane Blazie, Brian Mac Donald, and Bryan Blazie
at Google I/O.
Photo by

In 2008 Brian Mac Donald, president of NBP, recruited a core team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and researchers, blind and sighted, to comprise Team CBI. With experience from IBM, Motorola, and private firms, Team CBI is headed by Deane Blazie who is the pioneer of braille technology. He created the first affordable and fully functional portable braille note taker, the Braille 'N Speak, and next generation products, were the Braille Lite series. Team CBI members have been involved in various aspects of the project and we want to recognize them here for devoting their time and expertise as volunteers.

Members of Team CBI

Worldwide Collaborations

The launch of National Braille Press's Center for Braille Innovation, created a new business model for developing more affordable accessible technology products. NBP has been supported by government agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, and for-profit companies like IBM, that advised with a common goal for affordable accessibility. Universities include: University of Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Northeastern University, Bentley University, and the University of Tokyo.

Non-profits include: National Federation of the Blind, American Printing House for the Blind, American Foundation for the Blind, RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind), World Braille Foundation, American Council for the Blind, and the China Braille Press in Beijing. We would also like to acknowledge the Accessibility Team at Google for their guidance.

If you would like to donate to CBI technology, please go to our donation page.

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