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Picture of Valentines 2019 (Pugs & Kisses) 32 Count

Valentines 2019 (Pugs & Kisses) 32 Count


Format: Print/Braille

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Item: VAL19-32
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These adorable print/braille Valentines want to come home with you!

This year's Valentines say "PUGS and KISSES, Valentine!" in playful fonts, with two cute pug puppies complementing the text. On the back of the card is a "braille decoder" to help friends and family read the message in braille. The print/braille Valentines are the perfect way to promote braille among family, friends, and classmates.

Pugs and Kisses Valentine
The 2019 Valentine

Back of the 2019 Valentine
Shows the text on the back of the 2019 Valentines

Small Packs: 20 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $9
Large Packs: 32 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $12

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