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The Mac High Sierra Operating System

by Janet Ingber

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In one volume

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Popular technology writer Janet Ingber takes you through a brief overview of what's new in the Mac High Sierra operating system. This single volume, reference card format guide is meant to be a quick tutorial for the seasoned Mac user who has — or is considering — upgrading their operating system to High Sierra.


Chapter 1: Welcome to macOS High Sierra
Installing High Sierra
The Touch Bar
Touch Bar's Appearance
Simulating Function Keys
Making Changes to Improve VoiceOver
Function Keys to Control Software
Going Through All Controls in a Dialogue Box
Making VoiceOver Keep Your Place
Navigating All Controls in Safari
Type to Siri

Chapter 2: New VoiceOver Commands and Features
Changing Speech Parameters Without Going into the VoiceOver Utility
Cycling Through the VoiceOver Rotor
Recently Used Files
Quick Nav Single Letter Navigation
VoiceOver Announcements
Image Description
Misspelled Words

Chapter 3: Using More than One Language
Adding a New Language
Selecting the Specific Language
Selecting a Voice

Chapter 4: Reading PDF Documents
What Is a PDF File?
Reading a PDF Document

Chapter 5: Safari
Giving Specific Websites Permission to Automatically Play Content
Changing the Default Setting
The Reader
Having Specific Websites Automatically Use the Reader
Choosing a Default Setting for the Reader

Chapter 6: iTunes and Apple Music
Apple Music
Choosing Genres and Artists
Following Specific Artists
Personal Profile
Sharing Playlists

Chapter 7: Additional Commands and Information
A New File System