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Picture of What's New in iOS 14: A Guide for Blind Users

What's New in iOS 14: A Guide for Blind Users

by Anna Dresner

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In 1 volume

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Anna Dresner starts by helping you get your iDevice updated with the new iOS 14 operating system, and then walks you through what's new, starting with changes to VoiceOver, then other accessibility changes, and finally, significant changes that aren't directly related to accessibility. Coverage includes: the App Library; new editing options; widgets; new features in the Messages, Translate, Health, Siri, and Calendar apps; app clips; audio and visual improvements; privacy; and much more.

Table of Contents
A Note About Versions
Conventions in this Book

Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Roll
Updating from a Previous Operating System
Setting Up a New Device

Chapter 2: VoiceOver
VoiceOver Recognition
Image Descriptions
Screen Recognition
Text Recognition
Feedback Style
New Braille Options
Auto Advance
Ignore Chord Duration
New Verbosity Options
New Options for Activities
Back Tap
A New Way to Turn on Caps Lock
New Phone Options
VoiceOver on Calls
Options for Answering Calls

Chapter 3: Other New Accessibility Features
Sound Recognition
Headphone Accommodations
See the Sign Language Interpreter Better in FaceTime
Voice Control Has New Accents

Chapter 4: The App Library and New Screen Editing Options
Using the App Library
A New Way to Enter Edit Mode
Hiding Home Screens
Hiding Apps
Removing Folders
Changing Where New Apps Go

Chapter 5: Widgets
Managing Widgets
Adding a Widget
Deleting a Widget
Editing a Widget
Stacking Widgets
Navigating a Stack
Editing a Stack

Chapter 6: Messages
Pinning a Conversation
Ask Siri to Send Audio Messages
New Group Message Features
Inline Replies
Finding out that Someone Is Typing
Adding a Photo, Emoji, or Monogram to a Conversation
New Emoji and Memoji Options
Searching for an Emoji
New Memoji
New Memoji Stickers

Chapter 7: Translate
Enhancing Communication Between People of Different Hearing Abilities

Chapter 8: New Features in the Health App
Health Checklist
Participate in Health Research
Sleep Mode
Protecting Your Hearing
Tracking New Data Types
COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Chapter 9: App Clips

Chapter 10: Audio/Visual Improvements
Voice Memos
How Voice Memos Is Organized
Removing Background Noise
Apple Watch Recordings
AirPod Improvements
Seamless Switching
Battery Improvements
Spatial Audio
Audio Sharing with 4K Apple TV
Picture in Picture
Camera Improvements
Screen Recording

Chapter 11: Calendar and Reminders
Entering Times and Dates in the Calendar
New Reminder Options
No Need to Pick a List
Assigning Tasks
Editing Multiple Reminders
Scheduling a Reminder Uses Similar Controls to Calendar
Hiding Smart Lists

Chapter 12: Privacy
Dictation on Device
App Limitations
Clipboard Notifications
Sign In with Apple
Password Monitoring
Safari Changes

Chapter 13: Changes to Siri and Search
Search Changes

Chapter 14: Miscellaneous Changes
Changing Default Apps
Sharing App Subscriptions
Apple Cash for Kids
Following Breadcrumbs
Car Key
The Home App
Changes in iPadOS
Sidebars and Toolbars
Handwriting Recognition
Shape Recognition
New Services
Final Thoughts