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Picture of Holiday Cards (Together) 2020

Holiday Cards (Together) 2020

by National Braille Press


Format: Print/Braille

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Note: You can pre-order your 2020 holiday cards now! They will be mailed out in early November.

10 Holiday cards with envelopes

This year, send holiday greetings with a hopeful message! The front has the words "May this new year be the gift that brings us all together," in print and braille above a central snowflake made up of six stylized, faceless figures. Each figure's arms are uplifted and spread open so their hands overlap. Each figure is wearing a matching hat with pom-pom, a flowing scarf, and mittens in six different colors. The central snowflake is surrounded by three smaller versions of the same snowflake. Inside reads, "Wishing you hope, health, and happiness," in print and braille.

Sending cards where print and braille stand side by side, as equals, conveys a powerful message. Don't miss out on the occasion — spread some cheer this season and wish special colleagues and friends a very happy new year.

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