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Picture of Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

by National Braille Press


Format: Print/Braille

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Celebrate with the print/braille boardbook, Bears and a Birthday!

10 Birthday cards with envelopes

For many, many years, you have asked us for print/braille greeting cards. A few years back, we started creating our own original print/braille holiday cards, so we thought it was past time to create a birthday card, too!

The front of the card features a stylish birthday cake with five burning candles; the message, "Wishing You a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" is above the cake, in print and braille. The inside of the card is left blank, so you can write or emboss a personal birthday greeting to friends, family members, colleagues — anyone who celebrates a birthday!

Sending cards where print and braille stand side by side, as equals, conveys a powerful message!