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Picture of Getting Started with Android

Getting Started with Android

by Ana Garza and JJ Meddaugh

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In three volumes

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At last — Get Started with Android!

We hit pay dirt when JJ Meddaugh and Ana Garza of AT Guys agreed to write a soup-to-nuts Android book. So if you've been thinking about trying Android but have questions about its level of accessibility, Getting Started with Android gives you the skinny. Learn how to use Android with the accessibility feature TalkBack, from first time set-up to basic gestures, modified standard gestures, voice actions, installing and using apps, and much more. If you are new to Android or thinking of going Google, Getting Started with Android fits the bill.


Chapter 1: Introduction
How Accessible Is Android?
Why Is Customization Important?
What Should I Think About When Shopping for an Android?
How Do I Transition from Other Platforms?
For Users of Talks and Mobile Speak
For Users of VoiceOver
How Should I Read This Book?
What Do Some of These Terms Mean?
Where Do I Find Other Resources?

Chapter 2: First-Time Setup
Device Description
Google Account Creation
First-Time Setup with Sighted Help
First-Time Setup DIY
Preparing for Setup
Positioning the Device
Turning on Speech for the First Time
Going through the Accessibility Tutorial
Choosing a Language and Starting Setup
Connecting to Wi-Fi
Copying Settings from another Device
Signing In to Your Google Account
Finishing Up
System Updates
Additional Accounts
Adding Other Users to Your Device
Accessing Another User's Account on Your Device

Chapter 3: The Lock Screen and the Basics
First Encounter with TalkBack - Exploring, Swiping, and Double-Tapping
Screen Wake-Up
Lock Screen
Slide to Unlock
Volume Level Adjustment - Changing TTS and Ringer Volumes
Start Up and Shut Down
Forced Reboot

Chapter 4: Screen Layout, System Settings, and Basic Gestures
Screen Layout
Complete Set of Basic Gestures
System Settings
Adjusting Display Settings for a Better Experience
Changing Ringtones and Notification Alerts
Clamping and Lifting Security
Grooving with Language and Voice
System Language
OK Google Detection
Speech Rate and Other TTS Settings
Digging into Accessibility Settings
Accessibility Tweaks
TalkBack Tweaks

Chapter 5: The Phone and Input Basics
On-Screen Typing - Keyboard and Dialpad
Phone Calls from the Home Screen
Calling with Your Voice from the Phone App
Calling a Contact from Phone Search
Calling Someone from the Dialpad
Speed Dialing/Direct Dialing
Checking Caller ID during an Incoming Call
Answering the Phone
In Lollipop and Earlier
In Marshmallow
In All Cases
Adjusting Sound Volume during a Call
Bringing Up the Dialpad during a Call
Answering Call Waiting
Hanging Up

Chapter 6: The Home Screen, the App Drawer, and the Long-Press
Long-Press I
Home Screen
Generic Android Launcher
Google Now Launcher
App Drawer
Generic Android App Drawer, Widgets, and Settings
Google Now App Drawer, Widgets, and Settings
Home Screen Customization
Adding Apps to the Home Screen
Adding Widgets to the Home Screen - Practicing with the Direct Dial
Organizing Apps and Pages on the Home Screen
Removing and Uninstalling Apps from the Launcher
Working with Folders on the Home Screen
Rebuilding the Home Screen after Nuclear Disaster

Chapter 7: Messenger and More Long-Press
Long-Press II
Starting a Conversation in Messenger
Replying to a Conversation in Messenger
Reading Conversations in Messenger
Deleting, Forwarding, Copying, and More in Messenger
Working with Multiple Messages or Conversations in Messenger
Adding Voice Recordings in Messenger with Push to Talk

Chapter 8: Contacts and Two-Part Gestures
Two-Part Horizontal Gestures - Next and Previous Screen
Two-Part Vertical Gestures - First or Last Item on the Screen
Reaching Out to Someone from Contacts
Gestures to Find Contacts
Search to Find Contacts
Importing Contacts
Adding Contacts
New Contact through the Contacts App
New Contact through Related Apps
Managing Contacts
Join Contacts
Edit Contacts
Delete Contacts
Assigning Ringtones to Contacts
Group Actions for Multiple Contacts

Chapter 9: Special Screens and Modified Standard Gestures
TalkBack Gestures versus Mainstream Gestures
Notification Bar
Notification Shade
Quick Settings
Google Now Screen
Google Now Cards
Google Now Menu
Now on Tap
Changing the Search Term in Now on Tap
Enabling and Disabling Now on Tap
Overview/Recent Apps
Multi-Window Mode in Nougat

Chapter 10: Alarms and Slider Adjustment
Adjusting Seek Controls
Adjusting Spin Controls
Android Sound in Depth
Adding, Editing, and Deleting Alarms
Enabling and Disabling Alarms
Snoozing and Dismissing Alarms
Clock Settings
Noticing Settings Layouts
Adjusting a Couple of Alarm Settings

Chapter 11: The Calendar and Other Date and Time Pickers
Date and Time Pickers
Setting Dates on the Date Grid
Working with Other Date and Time Pickers
Events in Calendar
Adding Events in Calendar
Editing Events in Calendar
Deleting Events in Calendar
Goals in Calendar
Adding Goals in Calendar
Responding to Goals in Calendar
Editing Goals in Calendar
Deleting Goals in Calendar
Reminders in Calendar
Adding Time-Based Reminders in Calendar
Responding to Reminders in Calendar
Editing Reminders in Calendar
Deleting Reminders in Calendar
Settings for Calendar

Chapter 12: Voice Actions and Voice Input
Good Recognitions
Device Training
OK Google
Asking Questions
Web Searching
Issuing Commands
Dictating in Google Keep
Navigating Text and Simple Editing
Problems Talking to Android

Chapter 13: Android Buttons, Context Menus, and Right-Angle Gestures
Right-Angle Gestures
Back, Home, Overview, and Notifications
Context Menus for TalkBack
Accessing a Few Settings with the GCM
Using Quick Navigation in the Circular GCM
Changing Navigation Settings in the LCM
Performing Custom Actions in the LCM
Reassigned Gestures - Changing What a Gesture Does

Chapter 14: Search, Chrome, and the Context Menus for Reading and Navigating
Web Accessibility
Google Search
Running a Search in the Google App
Navigating the Results Screen in Google Search
Running a Search in Chrome
Reading a Website with the GCM
Working with Tabs in Chrome
Working with Bookmarks in Chrome
Clipboard Operations
Collecting Text with Copy Last Utterance to Clipboard
Collecting Text with Third-Party Apps

Chapter 15: Google Keep and Text Editing with the LCM
On-Screen Typing
Google Keyboard
Typing on the Google Keyboard
Troubleshooting Typing Problems
Correcting and Predicting Text with the Google Keyboard
Using the Personal Dictionary in Android
Editing Tools in TalkBack
Two-Part Vertical Gestures in Edit Boxes
Cursor Control through the Local Context Menu
The Steps - Editing Text
Selecting All
Cutting, Copying, and Deleting Text
Pasting Text
Creating a Note in Keep
Editing a Note in Keep
Managing Notes in Keep
Working with Reminders in Keep
Adding Reminders in Keep
Editing Reminders in Keep
Deleting Reminders in Keep

Chapter 16: Gmail and Review
Other Accounts in Gmail
Setting Up Other Accounts in Gmail
Visiting Other Accounts in Gmail
Messages and Conversations in Gmail
Reading Messages and Conversations in Gmail
Composing and Replying to Messages in Gmail
Managing Messages and Conversations in Gmail
Behind the Scenes in Gmail
Visiting Other Folders in Gmail
Changing Settings in Gmail

Chapter 17: The Play Store and Apps
Payment Methods
Play Store
Searching for Apps and Other Content
Installing Apps and Other Content
Updating Apps
Uninstalling Apps
Tweaking Settings in Play Store
Understanding the Fine Print When Buying Apps and Content
Signing into Apps
Getting Past App First-Time Screens
Closing an App Ad Screen
Familiarizing Yourself with Apps
Finding App Settings and Changing App Ringtones
Responding to App Crashes
Multiple Apps That Do the Same Thing
Changing the Default App
Getting Rid of a Preinstalled App

Chapter 18: Goggles and Labeling Buttons
Common Accessibility Problems
Labels for Image Buttons
Contact with Developers
Providing Feedback to Developers
Pointing Developers to Resources
Sending Feedback to Developers
Recognizing with Goggles
Recognizing Text with Keep
Good Recognition