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Understanding How Endowment Can Benefit National Braille Press

At National Braille Press (NBP), we believe literacy is a profound joy as well as an invaluable life tool. When we produce books, we create lifelong experiences: reading together as a family, blind child and sighted parent; sharing in the adventures of Harry Potter along with friends at school; cooking dinner from one's own braille cookbook; even learning to surf the Internet or to use an iPod.

But how can we ensure that NBP continues to be vital? In a word, endowment. Endowment generates income to support operations and fulfills critical needs. When the stock market is volatile or charitable giving is lessened because of tough times, endowment income sustains, enabling NBP to maintain the services on which so many have come to rely.

In our 85-year history, NBP has received significant gifts of endowment from both estates and trusts. Since 2002, $1,476,785 has been added to NBP's endowment in support of our mission of lifelong literacy. The impact for NBP and its members has been enormous.

In order to recognize those individuals who remember NBP in their estate plans, the trustees of National Braille Press have created an honorary society - Braille for Life Alliance. Individuals who make provisions for NBP -by bequest or by naming NBP as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy-is automatically a member. Individuals who have entered into a life income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, are also welcomed as members of the Alliance, as are those who have created an income stream through the use of a charitable lead trust.

Have you considered remembering NBP in your will? Would you like to have a confidential discussion to explore the creative ways to meet the needs of family even as you explore your legacy to our shared mission? If so, please contact Joseph Quintanilla at 617-266-6160, ext. 415, or He looks forward to working with you and your financial advisors.

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