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Remembering a Charity in your Will

What is the use of living if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone? - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, known for his eloquence, said these words more than half a century ago, yet his wisdom feels even more profound today.

NBP is headquartered in New England, and in a recent survey New Englanders surprisingly ranked last among all regions of the country when it came to having a will. According to, more than 78% admitted having no will.

Are you one of the 78%? Perhaps you have been thinking about how you can make the world a better place for family, for friends, and for those organizations that continue the good work of improving this muddled world. Perhaps you have already experienced how a bequest can change a life. And, perhaps, you have even been considering how a gift made under your will could benefit others by benefiting a charity that embraces the values you have held close throughout your life.

To write a will is to make a profoundly personal statement of what matters most to you. To write a will is to make known publicly that you have thoughtfully, carefully, determined your legacy to those close to you and to those served by the non-profits in whose mission you believe.

When should you write or re-write your will?

As you do so you will want to remember a few key points:

Deborah Blackmore Abrams

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