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Books for Sighted Parents and Teachers

These books are all in print. See also: Books for Kids!

Because Books Matter
Introduces new parents (and teachers) to the joys of reading print/braille books with blind children. The booklet shares basics about the braille code and why braille reading is so important. Send for your free copy today! (Limit: One per customer)

Because Books Matter, Spanish Edition
The Spanish edition of Because Books Matter. Free! (Limit: One per customer.)
Format: Large Print

Because Pictures Matter
A Guide to Using, Finding, and Creating Tactile Imagery for Blind Children. (Limit: One per customer)
Format: Large Print

Because Pictures Matter, Spanish Edition
Spanish Edition! A Guide to Using, Finding, and Creating Tactile Imagery for Blind Children. (Limit: One per customer)
Format: Large Print

Getting Ready for College Begins in Third Grade
With chapters on high expectations, academics, independent living skills, independent movement and travel, social interaction and social skills, daily living, and self-advocacy, author Carol Castellano encourages parents to look to the future without fear, and equips them with the information they need to prepare their child for an independent life.

Just Enough to Know Better (UEB)
A UEB Braille Primer! For parents and teachers, this self-paced workbook teaches you just enough braille to read along with your child.
Format: Large Print/Braille

Maps List (from Princeton Braillists)
A list of maps available from the Princeton Braillists collection.

Nemeth Reference Sheets
Updated! This reference chart logically organizes the myriad symbols that make up the Nemeth braille code for math.

UEB Reference Sheets for Math
This handy reference book logically organizes common math symbols as transcribed in the UEB code.

Unified English Braille Symbols Chart
This 11" x 17" poster shows the Unified English Braille Symbols for letters, numbers, punctuation, and 189 contractions.
Format: Large Print


Children's Book of the Month!

The Sound of Silence

Cover image of 'The Sound of Silence'

Price: $17.99
Format: Print/Braille

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