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Harry Potter in Braille: Press Information

Bringing Harry to all readers!

National Braille Press, through a special exclusive agreement with Scholastic Press, is pleased to announce that the braille edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was ready on the same day as the print edition.

We are also thrilled to announce a special partnership with Yahoo! for Good that helped us raise funds so blind kids and adults were not left out of the Harry Potter phenomenon. It costs about $80,000 to produce the braille edition, or approximately $63 per book, yet we sell the book at a comparable price to the print edition so blind people don't have to pay more than sighted people. To make sure that blind children and adults have books to read, we need charitable support to make up the difference.

Yahoo! learned about two initiatives to help raise money for the production of braille versions for the most recent Harry Potter book. Inspired by their actions, Yahoo! decided to donate to the National Braille Press what each of these two initiatives raise, up to their respective goals.

Walking Wizards - Ashley and Adam have committed to raise $10k

Harry Potter Yahoo! Group - Petra Pan has committed to raise $7,777

These websites have been set up by Harry Potter fans - blind and sighted - who want to make sure that blind children and adults have the same access to this international phenomenon as their sighted peers. Your generous support will be appreciated - and matched by Yahoo! up to the goals above.

Help blind kids read Harry Potter - Donate Now!

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