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Lifelong Literacy

Literacy is vital to leading a successful, independent life. Imagine trying to manage your bank account, follow a recipe, or navigate a software manual if you couldn't read. National Braille Press offers a wide range of braille books, magazines, and other resources that give blind people important tools for communicating and working, and other selections for fun, hobbies, and staying current with the world. Here is a complete listing of Books for Adults.

A sample of our braille publications for adults includes:

These free booklets adapted from the American Cancer Society publications with vital information for women and men who have been diagnosed with these cancers. Our free health series also includes: the Menopause Guidebook, which is the braille edition of the current, comprehensive, and informative guide from the North American Menopause Society.

Children's Book of the Month!

The Sound of Silence

Cover image of 'The Sound of Silence'

Price: $17.99
Format: Print/Braille

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