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From Our Books

Android Commands and Settings
Ana Garza
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
A Reference Guide for Eyes-Free Users. Ana Garza's reference guide of Android commands with brief explanations assumes you already know how to use Android, but may occasionally need help remembering an accessibility command or setting.
Getting Started with Android
Ana Garza and JJ Meddaugh
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
We hit pay dirt when JJ Meddaugh and Ana Garza of AT Guys agreed to write a soup-to-nuts Android book. So if you've been thinking about trying Android but have questions about its level of accessibility, Getting Started with Android gives you the skinny. Learn how to use Android with the accessibility feature TalkBack, from first time set-up to basic gestures, modified standard gestures, voice actions, installing and using apps, and much more. If you are new to Android or thinking of going Google, Getting Started with Android fits the bill.
Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 11
Anna Dresner
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
This new edition of our soup-to-nuts tutorial for beginners contains everything you need to know to get started using the iPhone and the iOS 11 operating system.
Getting Visual Assistance with an iPhone
Judith Dixon
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Technology writer Judy Dixon takes the reader on an app tour of the 10 most user-friendly and accessible apps for getting visual assistance with an iPhone.
Go Where You Wanna Go: Using GPS on the iPhone
Judith Dixon
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Judy Dixon takes you on an app tour of 17 of the most user-friendly, accessible GPS apps for the iPhone, helping you to choose the right app for different situations.
iOS 12 Reference Card
Anna Dresner
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Anna Dresner has updated her iOS reference card for 12! Don't miss Anna Dresner's quick, handy guide to VoiceOver, Bluetooth keyboard, and braille displays - all in one handy booklet! Keep it within reach!
iOS 12 Without the Eye
Jonathan Mosen
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
A clearly-written, comprehensive, well-structured guide to all that's new in iOS 12, written specifically with blind people and assistive technology instructors of the blind in mind.
Mac Reference Card
Janet Ingber
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Updated for 2018! Janet Ingber's handy Mac reference card, including new additions for High Sierra.
Ten Thousand Steps, Cane Not Included
Anna Dresner
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Anna Dresner tells you about some wonderful and accessible resources that can help you get more fit.
The Abundant Bookshelf: Reading Books on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Judith Dixon
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Author Judith Dixon explores iOS reading apps, focusing the type of user experience: human voice narrators, synthesized voice narrators, or reading refreshable braille. She also offers a quick glimpse at 14 other apps for reading books on an iDevice.
Twenty-Two Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users (2nd Edition)
Peter Cantisani
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Did you know you can use an iPhone to take your blood pressure, listen to turn-by-turn walking or driving directions, record the budding musician in you, and so much more? If you have, or are thinking about getting, an iPhone, order this booklet!
Writing Your Way: Composing and Editing on an iPhone or iPad
Judith Dixon
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
Judy Dixon explores numerous strategies and techniques to make writing and editing on an iPhone or iPad a breeze!