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2016 5K Run: Meet Our Runners!

Join Team NBP today!

photo of Tara with Make Way for Ducklings on NBP stoop

Tara has been involved with National Braille Press since 2006, serving on the board since 2012. Tara values NBP's and believes that the independence brought about by braille literacy leads to independence, and independence is the key to productiveness in our society. Tara is no stranger to races, as she was a division 1 track and field athlete at the University of Rhode Island. She is excited about in running the Blindfold Challenge "to challenge myself, to take in the vulnerability of trusting my husband as my guide, as well as connect with my other senses and enjoy the run in a totally different way. This is my 4th year in a row running blindfolded and each year is a new, exciting, scary challenge."

Support Tara's run for braille literacy.

photo of Kyle giving the thumbs up

Kyle will be guiding one of our runners, Joel, at this year's BFC. A recent graduate of Emerson College, he currently works as a recurring writer for Although Kyle has not been personally affected by blindness, he strongly supports NBP's mission. He says "Braille is designed to help the blind experience some of the more basic things I do with my eyes, so I think it is incredibly important and a resource worth further funding." Although Kyle has run a number of unique races, he says this one will be very different. "In the blindfold challenge, my main focus will be leading Joel through the course, which is a tremendous responsibility." Kyle embraces this responsibility and views it as an honor to accompany Joel in the race.

Support Joel and Kyle's Blindfold Challenge efforts.

Ally is a native Rhode Islander who has lived in Boston since she graduated from Northeastern University. She currently works as a portfolio manager at an investment firm downtown. As an avid reader, Allyson understands the importance that books have for people of all ages. She says, "Whether it is the epic battles of the Hunger Games or learning about the theory of relativity in physics class, books are the gateway to imagination and learning. No child (or adult) should have reading be limited in any way." She strongly supports NBP because of its mission to provide braille books to children. Allyson has a long history of running, ranging from 5k's to full marathons, but she is excited for the Blindfold Challenge as it presents a new test both for her and for her partner.

Support her run today!

photo of Joel with braille books in NBP collating dept

Meet Joel, a musician and native of Acushnet. As a member of NBP's production staff for almost a year, Joel is excited to be a part of our Blindfold Challenge team. For Joel, NBP has "become like family… I feel strongly connected to the individuals who pour their hearts and souls into the work they do here… it is the least I can do to run for my family and raise awareness for braille literacy that this organization tirelessly strives to achieve."

Support Joel's first ever 5k on April 16th.

photo of Sue running blindfolded with guide

Sue is the proud mother of twin boys-one with a visual impairment. She has been an advocate for parents of children with visual impairments on the state and national level. Sue shares, "I know how I feel when I finish a 5K. A blind person can feel the same thing with an accommodation-the help of a sighted guide. The accomplishments belong to the individual. There is no better feeling than getting immersed in a book, scoring for your team, or crossing the finish line." She adds, "I'm very excited about the Blindfold Challenge this year because my guide has never [participated] before and I'm going to teach her how capable I can be WITH her assistance… [so she can then] spread the word of the abilities of people with disabilities."

Support Sue on the course.

photo of Shawn walking blindfolded in Bsoton with guide

Shawn Sherry, from Bellingham, MA, is the proud mother of two sons aged 5 and 3 years old and is a member of the Franklin Lions Club. She says, "I love the work NBP does. As a Lion, I have been able to see the work they do in trying to get literature and technology to visually impaired people so they are able to keep up with their sighted peers."

Support Shawn's race for braille literacy.

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