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Braille Production - Basics

Job Types

Books, Magazines, and Pamphlets

An example of a braille book

We produce a variety of our own publications, as well as accessible large print and braille documents for other companies. Examples include print/braille books for children, an area code directory, self-help literature, ATM user's manuals, magazines and calendars, airline safety cards, computer manuals, braille tutorials, and much more. While most documents are produced in magazine format -- a folded piece with a staple-like stitch binding -- some are bound with a plastic cover and may even include color and print pages or tactile graphics. Pricing is based upon transcription, proofreading, and finishing services, as well as on the number of copies and the difficulty to produce.

Business Cards

Business cards embossed with braille

Business cards can be embossed with braille, making your contact information accessible to blind patrons. Because braille takes up more space than print, not all of your pertinent contact information may fit on a standard business card. Typically, four braille lines fit on a card, which often covers name, phone number, and email address. Customized cards utilizing both sides of the card or panels of folded cards offer more room for information and are also available. We work with our or your local offset printer for the print portion of the process. All cards are embossed onto ganged layout (multi cards per printed sheet) then trimmed down to size before shipping to you. Pricing generally depends on quantity, setup, and printing requirements prior to embossing.

Alphabet Cards

Our standard alphabet card

Print and braille alphabet cards are great marketing and educational tools. These cards can include your company or organization name and contact information. National Braille Press and other organizations use them to introduce the braille code to sighted readers who are interested in what braille looks like and how it feels. Prices are generally based upon setup, quantity, and printing prior to embossing.


Braille labels are created for various reasons: overlays for keypads, signage, bookcover content, or anything else that can utilize this quick and easy application for braille content. Our braille labels are made by embossing braille onto clear, self-adhesive plastic using a Braillewriter, braille embosser, or press. These labels can be made in just about any size up to 8.5" x 11". Pricing is based upon transcription, proofreading, quantity, and size of label.

The following information applies only to books, magazines, and pamphlets.

Large Print Options

No large print

Braille only throughout the entire document. Braille volume with no large print

On cover only

Front cover to contain braille and large print while main part of document will be braille only. This is suggested if a sighted, non-braille reader will need to know what the document is for distribution or filing purposes. Braille volume with large print on title page only

Included in braille volume

Braille and large print are easily produced together so your document is accessible to both your braille and large print readers without having to produce two separate documents. Braille and large print together throughout entire volume

As a separate volume

Separate productions, in braille and large print, from the same document are also available.


Binding Options

Standard stitch binding

Folded spine with metal stitch; magazine-style. For high volume projects, this is the least expensive way to have your document bound. Braille volume using our standard, magazine-style metal stitch.

Plastic binding

Black, plastic, GBC comb binding (pages are square-hole punched for binding). Pricing is similar to wire binding. Braille volume using a plastic binding.

Wire binding

Black, twin-loop (not spiral), wire binding (pages are round-hole punched for binding). Pricing is similar to plastic binding. Braille volumes made with wire bindings.


Shipping Options

Shipping is not included in price estimates.

Free Matter for the Blind

Free matter for the blind and physically handicapped persons is a service USPS provides for specific mailings, usually directly to the end user. We can tell you if your documents can be shipped this way or you may visit the following USPS website address for shipping requirements: Free Matter for the Blind and Other Physically Handicapped Persons