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Voices of Our Readers and Founder from the Early Years of National Braille Press

NBP Founder, Francis Ierardi in 1932
"…our funds are being used to serve a double purpose: to educate, to inform, to entertain the finger readers of these United States and Canada; and, to give employment to the blind."

Quote from reader in 1932
"I take great interest in everything that goes on in this world, but you understand how little we deaf-blind people get out of it when we can neither hear others read to us nor see to read things ourselves. I am so hungry for news and never get enough so it seems, so you know how greatly I shall appreciate the paper."

Quote by an Our Special reader in the 1933
"It was [two columns in Our Special] alone that inspired me and helped me through the darkness to the things I am now able to do… In it was everything for which I had secretly been longing. It seemed I had found another of the missing links between my world and that of the sighted girls."

A quote by a reader during the depression
"I am writing this to say a word of appreciation for the little paper you put out for the blind every week. I read the magazine from cover to cover and enjoy every bit of it…Enclosed you will find one dollar. Only sorry that I am not able to send more. It is really worth more than that to me to have the paper..."

NBP Founder, Francis Ierardi in 1942
"During these fifteen years the organization has lived through the worst depression known to this country and yet the public has dealt very generously with us. The present war conditions are creating many problems for the private civilian charities and the National Braille Press is no exception. The increased cost of materials and the scarcity of some will occupy the constant attention of your manager to keep the work at least at the same level for 1942 as we carried on in 1941. While conditions are very difficult and will grow more so as the war progresses, I feel hopeful, if not too confident, that our friends will see us through."

NBP Founder, Francis Ierardi, March 14, 1951
"The emergency which came to us in 1950, due to the Korean incident, has brought many problems to the National Braille Press. The restrictions imposed upon industry throughout the country have affected the operations of this organization so that it made it very difficult to obtain the necessary materials with which to carry on our work."

NBP Founder, Francis Ierardi, October 24, 1951
"The present situation in which the National Braille Press, Inc. finds itself a reflection of the times in which we are living today. The inflationary cycle in which we are caught is making our financial situation a precarious one."

In the March 18, 1959 Francis Ierardi quoted Helen Keller
"Helen Keller once wrote to me some years ago: "I earnestly hope that more and more people will help you constructively. There should be no trouble in financing such decidedly worthwhile enterprises. And let each contributor remember that, with each gift to the deaf-blind, are given the few sweet satisfactions they can know in their narrow, monotonous existence."

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