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Visitors Experience Braille Production

Dear National Braille Press,

The staff gave us the most wonderful tour. It truly was not what I expected, I was looking for a mass production of machines and staff. The work that you do is incredible. I was humbled beyond words. I have been working in this field for four years and I am so appreciative of what you do for the blind. Please tell your staff, "THANK YOU AND WHAT A GREAT SERVICE THEY ARE DOING!"

Ellen Dumont
Qualters Middle School, Mansfield, MA

Dear National Braille Press,

Thank you for teaching us about braille. We learned a lot! Making braille books is a wonderful idea, especially print and braille together. Wow, what a BIG DICTIONARY! It is amazing how many volumes Harry Potter books are. They would be very heavy to carry. We enjoyed learning how Steve gets around. His watch is neat. The machines are big and noisy. It is amazing that the computers can talk and read a printed page. It was fun stomping on the metal sheets of braille. We think the machines work much better. We hope they don't make too many mistakes.

We had a fun trip. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for preparing us for our unit on different kinds of communication. We are going to read about Helen Keller this week.

Thank you,
Ms. Johnston's Class
Southfield School, Class II

Dear National Braille Press,

Thank you for inviting us. We enjoyed learning how blind people read. We also enjoyed learning and seeing how you make Braille. It was exciting to see how you made the bumps on the page. It must take a lot of patience to listen and check all of the braille. We will look for your books in the library.

Miss Lee's Class
Southfield School

Dear National Braille Press,

Thank you for the braille card with my name on it. I knew about braille before, but I didn't know quite so much about it. I learned that braille isn't only for blind people. It's for seeing people too, if you know how to read and understand it. I think you are doing a fine business so tell all of your friends to keep up the good work.

Southfield School

Dear National Braille Press,

Thank you for taking us around your building. I loved it. Thank you also for letting us stomp on the metal sheets. I never knew that blind people aren't so different from other people. Also, I never knew that it took almost all those books to make only ONE dictionary! Thank you again.

Dexter School

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