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Valentines 2015 (20 count) (VAL15-20)

Picture of Valentines 2015 (20 count)
Price: $9.00
Format: Print/Braille

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This year's Valentine features a play on words that sound alike but mean different things: homophones!

"Hey, Valentine, let's ketchup" features a hot dog chasing a bottle of ketchup squirting Valentines - plenty of silly fun for boys and girls and friends of all ages! These zany Valentines are in print and braille. the backside is a brief bio of Louis Braille.

The back of the card reads:
Q: Who invented braille?
A: Louis Braille was only 16 years old when he invented braille in 1825. He was himself blind and a student in Paris. His system of reading and writing is still used around the world today - even for Valentines!

Back of the 2015 Valentine
Shows the text on the back of the 2015 Valentines

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